Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Samples of PPC advertising

Do you want an easy, noticeable way to appear on search result pages?


Google AdWords or Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are the text ads that you see at the top of a Google search and down the right side.  They are easily identified by a small yellow “ad” button. The good thing about this strategy is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You bid for specific keywords relevant to your business then Google will display your ads immediately when a user types a search term that contains your keywords. You can have your ad displayed on the top-most, bottom, or right side of search results.


Pay Per Click or PPC ads can be a great strategy for just about any business.  The advantage to this strategy is that we can have your ads showing up on relevant Google search results within a few days. With our PPC campaign management, you can get instant, highly targeted and quality traffic that maximizes your return on investment. We can give you the opportunity to reach your target audience at a reasonable price.


Interested? The process to getting started isn’t that complicated. Here’s a breakdown of what our team can do for you:

  1. We will help you determine the right budget for your PPC campaign.
  2. We will create the text ads for the campaign based on which products or services you would like to advertise.
  3. We will submit the ads for review and then the ads will start to show up on relevant Google searches.


Running a pay per click or PPC campaign can be trickier than anticipated. Let us do an in-depth study of your target audience, research the most effective keywords, set up your campaign, and monitor the performance and progress of your site. Our PPC campaign management team makes the most of every tool, like a software that we use to help us maximize the performance of your campaign.  We track the results of your campaign including phone calls and form submissions, to make sure that you’re on the right path to success.

If you would like to talk more about this strategy for your business please contact us for more information. Our team will explain to you further how and why Pay Per Click works.

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