Retargeting Strategies


The web is a powerful tool that consumers use every day to research products, learn new things, and find businesses and services. You probably have a website that you use to provide information about your own products and services, but studies have shown that only about 1% to 2% of all online visitors are ready to click the “buy” button on their first visit to your site.


What happens after the other 98% to 99% of those potential customers leave your website? Do they return when they are ready to make a purchase, or do they end up taking their business to one of your competitors? With retargeting, you can make sure they don’t forget about what you have to offer. You can make them remember even if they’re visiting another site that’s either related or not related to your business.


Retargeting is an online marketing strategy that places a cookie on the browser of people who visit your website. It involves using a Javascript code that “follows” them anonymously all over the web. Also known as a pixel, the code is hidden from your visitors and doesn’t affect the performance of your site. This provides you with the opportunity to display ads later while they are browsing other websites to remind them about the products and services they saw on your site. It helps keep your business top-of-mind for a very targeted group of website traffic: those who have already expressed some interest in your company when they visited your site.


Retargeting can provide significant benefits to your business, including:

  • Providing the digital equivalent of a follow-up call to people who came to your site.
  • Offering non-invasive reminders about your products and services.
  • Targeting a precise audience online that has already visited your website.
  • Helping you effectively spend a limited advertising budget on the most promising online leads.
  • Increasing your online presence without huge media buys on highly trafficked websites.


Let us convert your everyday window shopper into a buyer. Who knows, if they’re satisfied with your products and services, they may become your loyal customers for life. We know best that retargeting works well when used along with other strategies, like inbound and outbound marketing. With our retargeting expertise, you can help increase conversions and get the most out of the traffic your site receives.


Don’t feel bad about that bounced traffic yet. You can still get your target audience back with the help of retargeting. To find out how retargeting can help you boost your marketing efforts online, generating more leads, more sales, and more prospects, call Back2Black Agency today or fill out our simple online form for a free website analysis.

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